About ACED

Founded in 2000, ACED (The Association of
Chinese Experts in Denmark) is a non-profit
organization engaged in providing a platform
for its members in knowledge exchange, mutual
cultural understanding and facilitating business
and technological co-operations between
China and Denmark. ACED members are more
than 300 Chinese professionals in Denmark
working in a large number of Danish companies,
universities and agents.
ACED is the Chair Association of FCPAE (Federation
of Chinese Professional Associations in
Europe) in 2010 and 2016.


• Founded in 2000.
• More than 300 members.
• More than 90% members holding master degrees.
• Bridging Danish and Chinese culture integration, talent and technology exchange, and business cooperation.

Our Aim

The aim of ACED is to assist its members integrating into Danish society, and bring Chinese professionals in Denmark together with Danish companies and organizations for comprehensive communication in areas
such as talent pipeline, mutual cultural understanding as well as business and technological cooperation.

Our Events

ACED arranges both professional and social events in order to promote:
• Communication among its members with relevant Danish companies and organizations;
• Engagement in Danish culture and Danish society;
• Development of its members careers as well as business and technological co-operations between China and Denmark.


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